At The Loft we ride to the beat of the music, which we promise will keep you motivated from beginning to end. Every class is a full body workout. Expect emphasis on core strength, form and alignment. Every move has a purpose.

*Classes are great for all levels


Loft’s signature spin class: 50 minutes of bliss on a bike with arm sequences.

Endurance Ride

A fun yet athletic approach to spin. This 50 minute class focuses on maximizing fitness through a mixture of functional movements and high intensity intervals timed to the beat of the music.

Spin + Abs

A killer combination of cardio and core work. 35 minute spin followed by 15 minutes of core work and a 5 minute stretch.



We recognize the importance of variety in your fitness routine. Our 50 minute sculpt classes were developed to complement our spin program, giving you the perfect workout regime. And bonus: better performance on the bike.

*Classes are great for all levels


These classes are high-intensity circuits to strengthen the muscles that aid in proper posture, ultimately improving the quality of your rides. A stronger rider is a better rider. *running shoes required


Classes use light weights and elongated sequences to sculpt your abs and hips. This class is all about getting deep into your muscles with a strong focus on core strength.  *toe socks recommended


The perfect blend of stretch and mobility. Expect sequences that strengthen the core while creating length and mobility within the body, helping the muscles to recover.  Most movements will be performed on the mat. *toe socks recommended

Spin + Abs

What does everyone want more of? ABS, ABS & MORE ABS. So here it is. Join us for a 40 minute spin class followed by a 20 minute core blast and stretch.

Yoga for Spinners

Stronger muscles often mean tighter muscles. Yoga is your best friend when it comes to releasing tight quads, glutes, hips and lower back. Improve your lower body flexibility and reduce overall stiffness with this 60 minute class.



Expecting? Congrats! The Loft has you covered with safe and effective workouts for you and your growing belly. Our pre & post natal instructors will lead you through a series of challenging exercises, modified for every stage of pregnancy. Build strength for labor and delivery, ease aches and pains through restorative stretches, and ensure confidence in your recovery when the little one arrives.

Mom & Babe

Mom & Babe classes are the perfect way to bond with your little one while rebuilding the strength in your body. Our postnatal/ pelvic floor rehabilitation instructors will guide you through a series of exercises focused on restoring core strength.