What kind of shoes are required for classes?

Our bikes are made for spin shoes with SPD clips. You can borrow a complimentary pair at the front desk. If you have your own, feel free to use them. We also have a few bikes with cages for regular running shoes, though we recommend using our shoes for a better experience.

Shoes are typically not worn in the sculpt room. Please review class descriptions to see what footwear is required.  

How many people are in a class?

There is room for 39 in spin classes and up to 15 in sculpt classes.

I have never been on a bike, can I really last 50 minutes?

You’ve got this! Time flies when you’re having fun and 50 minutes on a bike passes quickly. There is no shame in taking breaks and just enjoying the music and energy when needed.  Each time you ride it gets easier, we promise. We’ve all had a first ride!

Will I be sore after spinning?

Your rump may be a bit sore the next day but spinning is a low-impact exercise, so you shouldn't be in in too much discomfort. It can take a few classes to get used to the feel of the seat.  Stick with it, we promise any discomfort does not last.

Will I bulk up?

NO! The cardiovascular benefits and strength gained from spinning will actually have you burning more calories while at rest. With a healthy diet and adequate rest, you will likely shed pounds. 

How should I recover?

Recovery is one of the most important ingredients to building your best body! In order to build muscle,  you need to rest. In a perfect world, we suggest complementing regular spin classes with sculpt classes. 

Will the music hurt my ears?

It shouldn't! Our music and speaker placement have been carefully selected to pump you up during class but if you find it is too loud, we offer ear plugs at the front desk free of charge.

What are your amenities?

We have showers with free towel service, several washrooms, water coolers, free spin shoes, free wifi and a Café.

I have an injury, can I still take a sculpt class?

Please speak with the instructor before class begins and they will guide you.

I do not feel flexible or strong. Should I still take a sculpt class?

Yes! That is the reason you should take a class with us. Our team is trained to guide and provide modifications for ALL guests with varying capabilities in strength, endurance and flexibility.  

Can my son/daughter take a class?

Yes, of course! We want to meet your mini-yous. Children under 14 must have a parent present. Parents are required to sign a waiver. The spin bikes have a minimum height of 4’10”.